罗里坎宁安 is the 社区联络经理 for the University, 促进学生居民和生活在Streatham和St Luke校园周围社区的永久居民之间的积极关系.

This role evolved from ongoing partnership work of the University, 十大靠谱网投平台市议会, Devon 而且 Cornwall Police 而且 十大靠谱网投平台's Students' Guild.

电话 01392 723721


To raise queries with our 社区联络小组 (non emergency)
电话 01392 723721 电子邮件 communitywardens@


The University's Estate Patrol provides a 24 hour service on campus. 他们负责处理安全保卫事务,并可以报告或讨论涉及学生的校外事件. Estate Patrol can be contacted at any time on 01392 263999.

你可以 find out more information on the 安全的网页.


We provide information 而且 guidance for students living 而且 socialising off-campus, 以及与学生同住并对大学发展有兴趣的本地永久居民的资料.

十大靠谱网投平台明白,学生与本地常住居民之间的社会差异有时会造成紧张关系. 十大靠谱网投平台相信,当有十大靠谱网投平台的沟通和有意义的接触机会时,这种紧张关系可以得到解决. 大学的社区联络经理致力于加强与当地社区的关系.

此外,大学亦为市民提供多项服务及设施, contact us directly 了解十大靠谱网投平台


Please be considerate of your neighbours

随着学期结束的临近, we underst而且 that this is an important time to celebrate 而且 catch up with friends. 然而, please continue to be mindful of noise levels, as you may have neighbours with young families, or early morning work commitments. 

如果要安排聚会,很重要的一点是要安全和体贴地与对方协商 noise section of the student guide (pages 26-29). Noise in the street can carry 而且 have a big impact on all our community. Please consider those who need to sleep, particularly during the week.

也请注意处理生活垃圾,因为放在外面的垃圾袋会吸引害虫,它们会攻击垃圾袋,把垃圾撒到街道上, particularly if there is food waste inside. Check the i十大靠谱网投平台 bin app for council collection dates at your address. “移动的学生”计划又开始实施了,所以如果你有多余的灰色垃圾要处理,或者你要在收纳日之前搬走,这将是一个很好的选择.


十大靠谱网投平台很高兴地宣布,“学生搬家”计划今年已经回来了,正好让学生们在学期结束时搬出去. 学生行动计划是一项由大学资助并与十大靠谱网投平台市议会合作的废物收集计划.

Operating throughout June 而且 July each year, 该计划允许住在私人宿舍的大学生免费收集不可回收的垃圾——除了他们正常的每两周收集一次的垃圾. 这项计划有助于减少非法倾倒垃圾,并减轻了繁忙的“迁出”期的压力.

主要的大学, 公会信息点和Here to Help服务台(在Streatham和St Luke校园)发放了“SOTM”信封,里面有收集垃圾的贴纸,用于标记多余的垃圾. 十大靠谱网投平台的学生社区管理员也会把这些信封送到城市各地的学生宿舍.

“学生行动”信封内的贴纸可让你在正常收垃圾的时间间隔内,在收垃圾的信封内注明你的垃圾. These collections will take place every Monday 而且 Friday on these dates:

6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 June 而且 1, 4, 8, 11 July

Simply place stickers on each rubbish bag. 电子邮件 “RUBBISH” 而且 the first line of your address to communitywardens@十大靠谱网投平台.ac.uk with the desired collection date. 请在要求的领取日期前至少2天发送此邮件,以确保收到通知. 一旦确认, 在收集前的傍晚或收集当日的早上六时前,把有标签的垃圾袋放在外面.

This scheme only collects extra 'grey' waste. We do not collect glass or other recyclable items. This service is ideal for anyone who isn’t moving out on bin day!

电子邮件 communitywardens@十大靠谱网投平台.ac.uk 了解十大靠谱网投平台.

十大靠谱网投平台的计划还为圣詹姆斯区12条街道的两个社区清扫日支付费用. These will occur on June 25th 而且 July 16th. Participating streets will receive an information leaflet closer to the time.


As part of the 流动的学生 scheme, we'll be helping St Katherine's Priory gather food donations for their 社区 Larder.

您可以在周五上午10点至下午12点捐赠不易腐烂和易腐烂的食品给圣凯瑟琳修道院(EX4 7JY). Please bag your food items 而且 separate perishable items to non-perishable items. Do NOT donate items that have passed their Use by date. Perishables must be unopened but non-perishables can be opened/unopened.

If you do not have a car or live within walking distance to the 社区 Centre, the 社区 Warden team would be able to transport your food items. Please contact us on available times: communitywardens@十大靠谱网投平台.ac.uk

有玻璃? 玻璃球罐方案回来了

大获成功的玻璃球童计划已经回归,将学生的玻璃垃圾运送到回收点. 这项收集服务只提供给那些住在私人房子里的学生,他们没有车,或者住在离瓶子银行步行距离不到的地方. 

We have some collection dates available from May to July. 联系 十大靠谱网投平台的团队十大靠谱网投平台的细节. 请尽早预订以免失望-领取名额有限,十大靠谱网投平台是先到先得, 组委会安排. Last-minute requests will not guarantee you a collection.

Once we have confirmed your collection date, we will confirm whether you will receive a morning or afternoon collection slot. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a precise collection time.


Having a sort out before you move out? 在扔掉东西之前, remember you can donate things you no longer want, 或需要, 通过当地的慈善商店.  Items can include clothing, electrics, furniture, etc. As part of 流动的学生, there’s a partnership with 英国心脏基金会, CoLab十大靠谱网投平台 而且 转盘. 你可以 take your items to their stores, or book a collection via their web pages. Please check before booking collections what items each charity can accept.

Free seagull deterrent bag giveaway

Request a free seagull deterrent bag (usually costing just under £6). 快点! We only have 100 bags available 而且 it’s on a first come-first served order. 这个优惠只提供给住在城里没有前花园仓库的学生. “What are seagull deterrent bags?“这些厚脸皮的袋子阻止了野生动物破坏塑料垃圾袋,并将垃圾倾倒在街道上. 它不是一次性的——你可以把垃圾袋放在里面,这样当委员会收集小组来的时候, 他们只会把垃圾袋拿进去,把你的海鸥威慑袋留给你再次使用. 您可以很容易地为您的家庭获得一个通过电子邮件“海鸥威慑袋”的第一行,您的地址 communitywardens@十大靠谱网投平台.ac.uk十大靠谱网投平台还提供免费的垃圾桶印刷服务(印有门牌号的垃圾桶不太可能被偷!) If you have any queries look out for 十大靠谱网投平台的团队 or email us.

Security Marking service available to students

Keep your valuables safe with our free security marking service. 你的学生社区管理员可以帮助你登记你的物品,并提供如何保护你的贵重物品安全的建议. 这项服务将提高您的贵重物品回来的机会,如果未来他们丢失或被盗.
十大靠谱网投平台将占领 Exehale room (Streatham) on 17 May 而且 14 June (4:30- 6:30pm). 十大靠谱网投平台还将于5月25日,6月8日,7月4日(中午12-2点)在Cross Keys Cafe (St Lukes)举办活动。. 这是今年十大靠谱网投平台将提供这项服务的最后日期,所以如果你喜欢这项服务,请来! No need to book, just come with your phone/ laptop/ bicycle to receive this free service. 你可以 十大正规网投平台的团队 的十大靠谱网投平台信息.


学生社区护理员鼓励学生融入社区成为积极的公民,并协助社区联络主任的工作. Student Wardens work closely with the Students’ Guild, local Police 而且 City Council to support fellow students living off-campus.

There are three Student 社区 Warden teams. 十大靠谱网投平台东, 西部和中部团队为生活在圣詹姆斯病房的学生提供支持, 圣大卫, 宾西法尼亚, 新城和Polsloe.

Wardens conduct 'walkabouts' in their area, signpost students with community queries, attend community meetings 而且 develop termly community projects. Wardens also facilitate ongoing campaigns 而且 initiatives, 包括第三学期末, Students On The Move refuse removal scheme. They can help to security-mark your valuables, 在垃圾桶上印上你的物品编号,每个学期末,他们还会进行一个玻璃罐计划,帮助收集和回收你的玻璃.

Wardens have access to the StreetWise fund, financing projects that bring students 而且 permanent residents together. 

Local wardens wear br而且ed Student 社区 Warden jackets, hoodies 而且 polo shirts 而且 are always happy to chat. To contact directly please email communitywardens@十大靠谱网投平台.ac.uk

The 社区 Warden scheme has been developed 而且 supported by the University, 十大靠谱网投平台 社区 Safety Partnership, 而且 Devon 而且 Cornwall Constabulary.